This Is Why You Need To Send So Much Detail For An Electronic Manufacturing Quote

As you look for an electronics contract manufacturing service to make a product you've developed, you'll come across requirements for sending specific files and information if you want a quote. The requirements can sound very strict, but there's a reason for that. Without that information, the company can't give you a final quote. 

Quotes Usually Serve as Offers or Bids

When you ask a company to give you a quote, you're in essence asking for an offer or bid. That quote is usually seen as the amount the company is saying they'd make the product for if you both agreed to work together. Not only do they need to ensure they can get the correct chips and other parts required for the product as the chip shortage continues, but also that the prices they quote you will be realistic. The company can't give you that realistic and reasonable price if you don't provide the details they want.

Ballpark Quotes Can Go Wildly Wrong

Yes, you could ask for a ballpark amount, just to get an idea of what your production costs might be. But those "quotes" can be wildly off if the information you can give the company is very general. By giving the electronics manufacturer all the details of the product, you get a much more accurate assessment of what it will cost you. For example, if you want a printed circuit board prototype made, the manufacturer needs to know what types of inductors you want and whether you need them combined with certain capacitors. Will the board need fuses? How many, and what size? How many connections does each fuse need? Providing only some of these details won't give the manufacturer an accurate idea of what you want.

Showing All Details Shows Whether a Quote Is Possible

There's one more issue that an electronics manufacturing service needs to deal with when issuing a quote: whether or not they can actually handle the project. There may be specifications that are outside the capabilities of the manufacturing company, such as creating a part that's larger than what the company could produce. The aforementioned chip shortage could make your dream prototype impossible to build for weeks or months to come, for example. The company needs to see all the details to ensure that the quote they give you is not only accurate but also doable in the first place. The manufacturing company would not want to sign a contract to produce something only to find that they don't have the facilities to produce exactly what you needed.

Whether you have a project that needs a prototype or mass production, you want to find an electronic manufacturing service that can create exactly what you need. This is why you need to provide as much detail as possible, in the formats requested, when you ask a company for a quote. Anything less runs the risk of making the project undoable.