Who to Call If the Well Pump In Your Drilled Well Starts to Fail or Stops Working Completely

There are many reasons that a submersible well pump can stop working in your residential water well. Knowing who to call for water well pump repair is vital, and the age of the well can sometimes play a role in that decision. 

New Wells

If your water well is new and still under warranty from the well company that drilled it and installed the pump for you, you should first call for water well pump repair. The company may not repair it themselves, but they will arrange for someone to come and check the well pump to determine why it is giving you problems. 

The well pump can fail unexpectedly like any mechanical device, but there are other issues inside the well that affect the performance of the pump and need to be considered. A drilled well with a lot of silt and sand can affect the intake strainers on the well pump, and adding a sand separator to the pump will help keep the material out so the pump does not get clogged or damaged. 

These possibilities exist with any well, so calling the well company to discuss the problem is critical. Reputable companies will work with you to resolve the issue and ensure your water well pump repair is handled professionally, and the well is checked for problems related to the failure.

Existing Wells

Older wells that are no longer under any warranty are more prone to need well pump repair because the pump could be nearing the end of its service life. Calling the well drilling company that installed the well may not be possible because the well has been on the property for a long time, and you may not know who installed it. 

There are well pump repair services that you can call that will inspect the pump and well for you and will determine if you need well pump repair or if something is going on inside the well that is affecting the pump's ability to provide water to your home. The repair service will check all your electrical connections to the pump from the house and then use a fiberoptic camera to inspect the wiring running into the well, and the pump itself. 

A visual inspection may uncover some clues to the problem. Still, if everything looks okay and the pump won't run, the well pump repair service will need to extract it, inspect the pump carefully and potentially install a new water well pump for you. Once the new pump is set in the well, it is tested to ensure it is working correctly and moving the right amount of water from the well to the tank in your home.