Mold Your Workforce Like You Mold Plastics: How Recruiters For Injection Molders Can Help

Injection molding is a job that requires a very specific skill set. That skill set includes some advanced mathematics, the ability to read gauges and the ability to measure and set the molds as well as the amount of plastic needed to melt and inject into those molds. You could hire just about anybody for the job, but with the expense of extensive, on-the-job training and the possibility that you may have to fire several people before you get the right people in the position, you may want to consider using recruiters for this position. Recruiters can help find the employees you need and mold them just as easily as injected plastic. Here is how recruiters for injection molders can help your industry. 

Temp-to-Hire Recruiters

Sometimes you just need filler people until the right candidate comes along. Some recruiters can find people that are almost the right candidates, and these people can work in the positions you need filled until the recruiters find the perfect person(s) for the job. In addition to providing you with reasonably adequate and temporary help, the recruiters put these filler candidates through a rigorous training session to prove that the candidates know what they are doing and know how to do the work in the way that your company expects it to be done.

Recruiters That Screen for the Perfect Candidate

Recruiters in this field already have plenty of experience with plastics, extruder processes and injection processes. Ergo, they can easily find someone who has equal experience and a balanced expectation of learning new things about his or her job. Both hands-on and paper exams may be administered to candidates who could fill the position, and in requiring these tests of candidates, recruiters verify that he candidates are able to fulfill a majority (if not all of) the job's daily duties and responsibilities. (Examples of the types of testing conducted would include requiring a candidate to show that he or she can set up the molds, ready the molten plastic, place the plastic into the injector system, close the machine over the molds and press and pull the correct buttons and switches to inject the molten plastic into the molds within the machine). The screening process continues until you and the recruiters have found someone who fits all of the criteria you have given the recruiters for the screen-out process.    

Hiring and Keeping Someone the Recruiters Found for You

If the recruiters do find someone that fits your criteria exactly, you may still want to tweak the expectations and job duties so that the candidate can learn new things on the job as those new things come up. A recruiter may even be willing to stand side-by-side with the recruitee/ new employee to assist him or her with some of these transitions and training. The stricter and more literal your instructions, the easier it will be to press the new injection molder into the expectations mold you currently have for him/her.