How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your Chain-Driven Systems

Does your production machinery run using chain-driven systems? Have you wondered about how to provide the best kind of maintenance for systems powering your conveyor belts or other vital machinery? If so, you should know that maintaining a chain drive can help to increase its lifespan. The longer you can maintain your machinery, the more money you will save and the greater your profits will be.

The Importance Of Conveyor Chain Brushes

One of the most important aspects of chain-drive maintenance is lubrication.  The type of chain driven system you use is a determining factor for the best type of chain brushes for successful and continued lubrication. For example, if you run a machine that has an enclosed track chain system, you will need channel sweep brushes designed specifically for enclosed chains. Chain brushes remove dust and debris that would cause your lubrication efforts to be far less effective. Bear in mind you never want to lube dirty chains. Other types of chain brushes include:

  • Monorail wobble brushes: One great feature of these brushes is they run on the actual movement of a conveyor belt instead of being independently supported by power, a good way to help reduce your overhead costs for electricity. Monorail brushes clean rust, dust and debris from chains while also working to polish links.
  • Electric monorail brushes: Provides the same benefits of wobble brushes, only does so using power instead of conveyor motion.
  • Track cleaners: While varying in their design, track cleaners offer the benefit of cleaning the tracks chains move in for increasing a clean running environment. The cleaner chain tracks remain, the lower the amounts of debris chains will pick up while moving through them.

Chain Lubrication Is Necessary For A Smooth Operation

Never avoid lubricating the chains in your chain-driven systems to lower the chances of debris and dirt adhering to links. Also, always make sure the inner parts of the chain are lubricated instead of only the outside parts. By doing so, you avoid a short lifespan and unnecessary link stretching and wear. If you worry about the collection of dirt and debris due to grease lubrication, remember the purpose of your chain brushes is to clean away this type of build-up and debris before it has a chance to collect.

Taking the time to learn the best ways to provide chain maintenance for your chain-driven machinery can help to reduce your down time while also promoting greater production rates. If you have not taken a close look at the chains in your conveyor belts and machines, doing so is a good idea.