A DIY Homeowner's Guide to Ready Mix Concrete Tools

Whether you are planning to install your own walkway or have an idea to install a concrete driveway on your property, there is no doubt that ready mix concrete will make the job much easier to accomplish. In addition to several bags of ready mix concrete, you have to ensure that you have the right tools for the job. If you were to take a peek inside a professional concrete contractor's truck, you would see an array of masonry tools and everyday items. Here are a few tools you should make sure you have before you get started:

  • Sledge Hammer: The sledge hammer will be used in area preparation before you pour the concrete. This tool will be useful when you are trying to clear the underlying ground and can be used to break up large pieces of rock or dirt.
  • Square-Ended Shovel: When you are cutting a path for your concrete, a good, sharp-edged square-ended shovel will prove to be invaluable. It is not a bad idea to have several shovels on hand, but the square-ended shovel will be pertinent for the job.
  • Tape Measure: It is important to accurately measure out the space you are covering with concrete to get a good idea of how much ready mix concrete you will need. To figure how many bags of mixture to buy, you will need to know the exact area you plan to cover and a tape measure will be a must.
  • Contractor's Square Level: The best concrete jobs are considered professional in appearance because they have a nice, consistent surface that is level and sharp corners. Your contractor's square level will help you achieve the professional finished product.
  • Industrial-Sized Wheelbarrow: You can use the wheelbarrow to mix your ready mix concrete, but will be useful to tote and pour the mixture where you need it as well.
  • Heavy Tamper: A tamper is incredibly useful for eliminating air bubbles and producing a smooth and even surface with wet concrete mix.
  • Concrete Broom: You will want your finished concrete to have a slight texture in some areas, such as on the drive or steps. The concrete broom can be used to give a slight texture to the wet concrete mixture. Otherwise, the end result will be completely smooth.

Before you get started on your concrete project, it is a good idea to gather all the tools that you need. Most of the masonry tools can be found at a local tool rental store if you do not want to buy them, which can help bring down the overall costs of the project. For assistance with the concrete, talk to a professional like Robar Enterprises Inc.