Answering a Couple of Questions about Using Heating Oil for Your Home

When it comes to options for keeping your home warm, there is a tremendous variety of fuels and heating systems that you can choose for your house. However, it should noted be that many people find the process of upgrading their heating systems to be remarkably complex and confusing. Fortunately, you can help minimize these issues by enhancing your knowledge of the various options, and starting this process by learning about the answers to two heating oil questions can be an excellent starting point for making this process simpler for you.

Are There Advantages to Combining Heating Oil with Other Sources of Heat?

When it comes to keeping the home warm, many homeowners will simply choose a single style of heating system, and they will stop at this point. However, it should be noted that there can be sizable benefits to combining heating systems to improve your home's resiliency during bad weather and the efficiency of your heating system.

For those interesting in having multiple heating systems, oil can be an excellent option. This stems from the ability to store oil on your property for use during emergencies or when you need supplemental heating.

Does It Matter If Your Heating Oil Storage Tank Is Allowed to Get Extremely Cold?

In order to make sure that your home has access to the heating oil when it needs it, you will have to install a large storage tank on your property. However, you may assume that it does not matter where the tank is placed, but if you believe this, you are incorrect. When heating oil becomes extremely cold, it can solidify into a gel, which will make it difficult to burn.

To minimize the threat of this problem, you should consider having the tank installed in the ground. The thick layer of soil encasing the tank will act as insulation, which will help prevent the oil from turning into a gel. If this is not a practical option for your property, you can build a small shed around your above-ground tank, and install thick insulation along the entire of the walls of the shed.

Heating oil is a common fuel source for heating systems for homeowners. Yet, if you are needing to upgrade your home's heat source, knowing the basics about heating oil will help you take it to the next step in ensuring that your home stays comfortable this coming winter.