How To Become A Truck Driver

Do you have a yearning to get out into the open road? You may have seen truckers whether on TV or in real life and always envisioned yourself as a trucker. The good news is that with the recovering economy truck driving jobs abound. If you want to become a trucker, you will need to follow a few steps to get you to your goal:

Get Your High School Diploma Or GED 

It is not a mandatory requirement to get a high school diploma or GED before you become a trucker, but it is a good first step. Some trucking companies make it a mandatory requirement so why put yourself out of the running for these companies? If you're not able to travel to get your high school diploma or GED, there are many online courses, which you can take to satisfy this requirement.

Make Sure That Your Driving Record Is Clean 

Since will be driving for a living, you should make sure that you have a clean driving record. Something like reckless driving will be really making a bad impression on future truck driving employers. Don't forget that you will be driving the truck for long distances. You have to assure them that you can do this job responsibly.

For example, if you're traveling from Ohio to Montana, the truck driving company has to make sure that you will be able to get to from point A to point B without a problem. Driving issues such as DUIs and moving violations are not favorable in the eyes of trucking companies.

Get Your CDL License 

Besides a regular driving license you will need to have a commercial driver license (CDL) this is a federal requirement. However, your states may have its own rules. Check with your local department of motor vehicles about the CDL requirements state. For a CDL license you will need to pass an exam about the laws, truck equipment, and vehicle inspection. You will also need to show that you know how to drive a truck. Just as you could take driving lessons for a car, you can also take one for truck.

Take The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulation (FMCSR) Exam 

This exam has a two components .One component tests you on physical elements such as your sight and hearing. You will need to pass this part of the exam every two years. The other component of the exam is a written test, which you need to only take ones and pass.

If you follow the preceding four steps you will be able to become a trucker. Like anything else, it will take practice and dedication before you reach your goal. Once you do reach it, you will have your pick from the many available trucking jobs that are available today. So get on the open road to making your goals a reality.

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