The Importance Of Mixers To The Modern Commercial Bakery

Producing excellent bread requires a certain balance of ingredients, temperature and an exact mixing process. When mixing dough for any type of bread, ensuring the process is done in a particular manner can mean the difference in the final baked product. If you are wondering about which type of mixer is the best choice for your commercial bakery, learn more about the styles available and which one would most suit your baking production needs.

Looking Closely At The Bowl

Dough mixers, whether large or small, depend a great deal on their bowls for effective mixing of ingredients. Some larger commercial mixers depend on the bowl contents for turning out the best mix as well. When thinking about the mixer best for your baking applications, always consider the amount of dough you will need to mix at one time. If your baking production is high, choosing a gear driven bowl is most likely your best option. Slower baking lines can produce a great mix using mixers that have friction driven bowls.

Perfecting The Development Of Gluten

High quality baked goods require bakers to perfect the development of the gluten in flour in every mix. If gluten is underdeveloped, dough will collapse during the baking process. Gluten is the elastic proteins that hold bread together. If your mixers do not thoroughly mix dough to ensure the proper development of gluten, you could lose batches to collapse in the ovens. For a large commercial bakery, money can be lost due to trial and error dough batches experiencing collapse in the oven. Ensuring mixers and operators are getting dough right for the proper development of gluten is essential to commercial bakery profits.

Mixers Define The Quality Of Your Baked Goods

While the perfect blend of ingredients is essential to great baked goods, the actual mixing of those ingredients is just as important. Most commercial bakeries use spiral style mixers because they can blend ingredients in reverse as well as forward motion. However, other types of mixers may be a better choice for your baking needs:

  • Small bakeries and those bakers not dealing with high production levels can benefit from using planetary style mixers.
  • Wendel mixers are relatively new to the lineup of mixers, offering a unique kneading that is closer to that of kneading by hand. Wendel mixers can be used in the bakery mixing a variety of blends, from pastry dough to dough used for baking hearth style breads.
  • Horizontal mixers work great for a smaller bakery, but can be used effectively in faster baking production when monitored and properly operated.

Turning out delicious, wholesome baked goods is certainly a fine art. Perfecting your final product is a lot easier when you have mixers you can count on. When selecting mixers for your commercial bakery, always take the time to look closely at the manufacturer for being sure your mixers are high quality and able to last you for the long term.